Risk & strategic services
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Risk & strategic services

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Continuity refers to the capacity of an organization to get through events that may have a negative impact over it; these events may include a fire, floods, power blackouts or even computer virus, theft of assets or intentional damage over the assets.

The Planning of the Business Continuity is the process to achieve this capacity and maintain it and is a vital part of management of the business critical information including systems security.

Our service focuses on the development of a business continuity plan, following the specific methodology that comprises the following stages:

  • Identifying and organizing threats.
  • Developing an impact analysis on the Company.
  • Create a response and recovery plan.
  • Test such plan.

The product will be a Business Continuity Plan that involves all the stages mentioned before.

The Business Continuity Business methodology will allow you to have an organization that can identify and prevent risks, and that also has resources to handle the unforeseen disaster and includes:

  • Analyze the current situation and impact of the business in the face of a diversity of contingencies.
  • Manage the business continuity program.
  • Develop business continuity plans (“BCP”) and technological disaster recovery (“DRP”).
  • Perform the Continuity Program Test Training.

We have a special team dedicated to business recovery services. Our services in the realm of financial and management consultancy have been tailored to the contingencies of business crises. Many banks regularly recommend our services to their clients in such cases.

Our business recovery services for our clients include a quick check, due diligence, an examination of their business to see whether it is capable of being restructured and whether this would be worthwhile, assistance with the production of a recovery concept and with its implementation.

  • Risk Management Services
  • Strategic planning.
  • ISO Upgrade Accompaniment in financial matters.
  • Provide a strategic service focused on identifying key business risks.
  • Concentrate the action on the business objectives and the managerial perception of the critical factors of success.
  • Guide to establish appropriate policies and control systems in order to effectively Manage Risk.
  • Implementation and training in the COSO – ERM model – Integral Risk Management based in Nemesis Certification.