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What is the optimal tax structure to start your business? Should I use the income tax regime on profits or the simplified income regime?

With a fair knowledge of the business of the client, the tax adviser beats a path the client can safely follow through the jungle of rules and regulations, already that the best tax advisor gives the client peace of mind and confidence in decision making and expansion of their economic activity. This requires in-depth analyses of all areas. And where matters of tax overlap with legal and economic factors, one must be able to access the appropriate specialist knowledge.

Corporate Tax Services

Our tax professionals have wide experience and knowledge in Guatemala and international taxation and have had experience in providing a broad range of corporate taxation services to many multi-national corporations, Guatemala’s leading public companies, small and medium enterprises. We have the professional expertise to provide comprehensive tax solutions, and advise within the existing tax regulations and framework, to help you make the right decisions at the right time and achieve the most tax efficient goals, at a reasonable fee. Our corporate tax services include:

Advisory services

  • Withholding tax compliance on payments to non-residents.
  • Tax implications arising from mergers, acquisitions and restructuring.
  • Tax due diligence on potential acquisition targets.
  • Tax implications relating to proposed business contracts, transactions or arrangements.
  • International tax planning for cross border investments and transactions.
  • Implementation of Tax Internal Control.