Information technology consulting
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Information technology consulting

What would be the consequences if key information was to be lost from your business? How would the organization be affected if non-authorized third parties had access to confidential information of your business? Have you estimated the cost for your business if there is a failure in the information systems for a period of time? Would you be able to continue with your operations?

Our service focuses on the development of an IT risk analysis with the purpose of obtaining an initial overview of IT risks that the company faces. This evaluation serves as a framework to prioritize management risk activities in a more detailed way.
The evaluation allows:

  • Identifying the areas of potential high risk through the business.
  • Have a general overview of the main aspects of risk in which the business is exposed. Identifying these aspects is highly important in order to manage them.
  • Provide guidelines for main risk scenarios, which constitute an essential input for a detailed analysis of the risks.

The end product is a report that contains an inventory of the risks found.