Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Efficiency is our middle name

Our Business Process Outsourcing service allows companies to release resources in order to focus on the activities that generate value to its business.
Our approach ensures a fluid relationship with the client in order to avoid inefficiencies caused by poor communication, always maintaining the strictest confidentiality. In addition, we use the latest digital tools for support, information preparation and reporting.
Referred Applications:

Our BPO services include a reduction on the payment of wages and social benefits, as well as the processing of accounting information, the elaboration of financial statements and the review of compliance with the current outsourcing law.

Bookeeping service

Through this service, you can count with trustworthy and valuable information for better decision making, based on the quality and timeliness of the information in accordance with tax legislation (so that its financial statements comply with the provisions of Decree 10-2012 that contains the Income Tax Law in force in Guatemala) and / or the International Standards of Financial Information (IFRS).

This service can be carried out at our or your office, with our or your information system, thus providing the cost flexibility made to your measure.

Accounting Supervision

Through this service, our professionals will supervise on a monthly basis, the development of the accounting process and the correct issuing of the financial statements of the company’s Accounting Department, thus adding knowledge and expertise in order to ensure an organized process that complies with the assignments of Management.

Accounting Diagnosis

We provide an integral approach on the accounting process, from the documentary flow and reception of management information to the financial reports, allowing identifying the actions that ensure an efficient accounting process.