Tax diagnosis
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Tax diagnosis

Is it better to be very sick to be taken to the emergency hospital or to seek a medical check-up periodically and preventively?
Nowadays, fiscal inspections occur frequently and, given the impact it has had on tax collection, it is expected that this pace will be maintained. Therefore it is recommended that you anticipate and consult ECOVIS GUATEMALA, your GP (Head Board Doctor), to be sure that your fiscal compliance is healthy.

The objective of our diagnosis I to analys and review the degree of tax compliance of our clients’ companies during the periods defined, in terms of formal aspects and their application, from which possible tax contingencies can be derived.
We offer a check-up in order to detect situations that could eventually generate a capital loss to your business, caused by a questioning from the tax authorities. Sometimes these situations are not detected by external auditors, or by the company staff, or even by the tax advisors in charge of the calculation of taxes.

The result of a fiscal diagnosis will be useful to provide an analysis that would serve not only to know the degree of fiscal compliance, but to properly implement the planning of the current operations of the companies. For this reason, the work includes:

  • Establish the degree of compliance with tax obligations resulting from the operations performed by our clients’ companies and determine if there is any deviation between the practices performed by the companies and the current tax regulations.
  • Provide technical support to evaluate with the management of our clients, those aspects that require a change of criteria.
  • Perform an evaluation, from a tax point of view of the operations developed by the clients’ Companies, as well as the documentation that supports them, in a period to be determined.
  • Identify possible tax risks related to the operations of our clients’ Companies or how to document them.

The product is a report containing in a detailed manner, all the encountered issues, including the corresponding recommendations.