Tax compliance review
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Tax compliance review

In order to guide the analysis and review of the degree of tax compliance of our clients’ companies during the periods defined, in terms of formal aspects and their application, of which possible tax contingencies can be avoided.

This service is performed monthly, consisting of the detailed review of the disclosures, reviewing all the documents that support it, so that before providing information to the Tax Administration, it is validated by our experts in order to detect possible errors that can be corrected in a timely manner.

We can advise you, collaborate in the technical foundation of the assumed criteria and the possibility of demonstrating them before to the Tax Administration, in case of discrepancies.

Compliance services

  • Preparing and presentation of the annual income tax return.
  • Assistance in the preparation and review of VAT refund request files for exporters.
  • Assistance in the presentation and review of registration dossier with SAT in the Register of Agricultural and Artisan Producers.

With different periodicity the taxpayer must submit tax returns. The correct liquidation and presentation of these avoids unwanted fines and surcharges.