Legal consulting services

Legal consulting services

Determine opportunity areas that could put the entity, its operations and managers at risk, likewise, propose recommendations based on the Law, and accompany them in the implementation of improvements, including manuals, profiles, policies and procedures that apply according to the industry.

Our Legal, Labor and Compliance Audit services include determining weaknesses that may put the entity, its operations and its managers at risk, in order to take preventive and corrective measures.

Labor Cost Audit

Excessive costs often translate into investment of downtime and can be reduced with robotic process automatization (RPA) when it comes to routine and bulky activities that are expensive for the time they require.

The correct drafting of a contract is the first step to secure your company and avoid future conflicts. For that reason, ECOVIS Guatemala is your best choice when preparing or reviewing any contract or support you in negotiations if necessary, including, but not limited to: Labor contracts, internal labor regulations, SSO, salary authorization, annual reporting to the Ministry of Labor, Social Security registrations – IGSS -, employee affiliations, labor inspection hearings, labor court hearings, etc.