Telecommunications, IT and Data Protection

Telecommunications, IT and Data Protection

ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises on issues of telecommunications, IT and data protection. It has been one of the key practice areas of our law firm for 15 years already and our expertise in this sector is exceptional in the context of the Lithuanian legal services market.

Our lawyers have gained extensive experience in the regulatory affairs of telecommunications and data protection. They have deep knowledge of the European and Lithuanian legal framework as well as of the case law and practice of supervisory authorities in this field. And if certain issues involve multiple jurisdictions we can also offer the assistance of our partners from the ECOVIS network operating in over 60 countries worldwide.
Our lawyers also have considerable experience in resolving intellectual property and data protection disputes in courts, as well as in investigating and examining data protection infringement incidents.

The clients of ECOVIS ProventusLaw appreciate the benefits of our expertise coupled with deep knowledge of respective sectors. Our lawyers are often contacted by companies operating in the IT, telecommunications and financial services sectors with issues of development of services and products, acquisition of software, licensing, protection of intellectual property, data processing and protection.

We work both with recognised market leaders and with medium and small businesses operating in this sector. Our lawyers have provided advice in processes of strategic importance to the telecommunications market, such as number portability procedures or radio frequency tenders or auctions, as well as represented an IT company in defending its interests after its code had been copied and in defending the interests of a client in a hacking criminal case.

The experience by ECOVIS ProventusLaw include:

ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises telecommunications companies on EU and Lithuanian regulatory issues as well as on introduction of new services, use of telecommunications infrastructure, disputes between operators and on customer relations. Our lawyers also represent clients in relations with public authorities regulating and supervising telecommunications sector such as the Communications Regulatory Authority etc.

IT law
The lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw advise clients on issues of introduction of new products, application of new technologies, e-commerce or distance marketing. They also advise on protection of software developed and on intellectual property rights in it.

Data protection and personal data protection
ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises on all regulatory issues of data protection. We represent clients in their registration as data controllers, develop privacy policies and advise on issues related to them. Our lawyers also advise on issues of processing of personal data, personal data of employees and data transfer to third parties, represent clients in the State Data Protection Inspectorate, in courts and in the investigation of data protection infringements. ECOVIS ProventusLaw offers the following services relating the data protection:

Privacy by design and default

  • Advice on the implementation of privacy by design and default

Data protection policies and procedures

  • Preparation of the tailored documentation to ensure accountability principle

Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

  • Conduct of Data Protection Impact Assessment,
  • Consultation on when and how Data Protection Impact Assessment should be carried out

Data protection audit

  • Conduct of audit to determine whether your controls, policies and procedures meet the established requirements and also will provide opportunities for improvement

Data protection officer

  • Provide services of Data protection officer

Data protection training

  • Conduct of introductory and tailored training on data protection

Intellectual Property. Software Licensing
The lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw advise clients on issues of intellectual property and software licensing. They assist in negotiations and in drawing up contracts and other documents regarding the acquisition, licensing, development, integration and upgrade of software. Our lawyers represent clients in disputes and court proceedings regarding infringements of intellectual property rights as well as obtain registrations for trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property in the State Patent Bureau, foreign patent institutions and obtain Community trademark registrations at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).


Why ECOVISProventusLaw

Strong & Experienced Team
ECOVIS ProventusLaw team consist of subject matter experts – certified data protection officers and information security expert who offer deep knowledge of GDPR compliance matters as well as assess IT infrastructure and cyber security arrangements’ compliance with regulatory requirements.

Without any prior knowledge of your company’s systems, our experts provide a neutral assessment and a fresh approach. This objective review of your processes can give you competitive advantage when it comes to gaining customer trust and winning new contracts due to high quality services.

ECOVIS ProventusLaw experts conduct audits efficiently and with minimal disruption while offering you cost-effective solutions.