Media and advertising

Media and advertising

Law firm ECOVIS ProventusLaw offers advice on issues of public communication, which are often perceived by clients as media and advertising law. This is one of the key practice areas of our law firm marked by significant achievements and high profile cases which have contributed to the development of the case law of Lithuanian courts.

The main tasks dealt with by the media and advertising law experts of ECOVIS ProventusLaw are the assessment of legality of advertising, admissibility of comparative advertising as well as the assessment of compliance of advertising with the requirements of the Law on the Prohibition of Unfair Business-to-Consumer Commercial Practices and representation of interests of clients in market surveillance authorities. Where certain issues span multiple jurisdictions, we offer the assistance of our partners from the ECOVIS network operating worldwide.

The clients of ECOVIS ProventusLaw appreciate the benefits offered by our expertise coupled with deep knowledge of respective sectors. Our lawyers are often contacted by businesses providing financial and telecommunication services, i.e. operating in sectors in which we have considerable experience and know-how, as well as by providers of other services and by manufacturers regarding advertising regulatory issues. Meanwhile, issues of protection of reputation are faced by entities operating in various sectors – these are generally cases linked to actions of competitors, former employees or interest groups.

Due to these reasons the media and advertising team of the law firm has both regular and occasional clients ranging from market leaders to small and medium businesses.

The experience by ECOVIS ProventusLaw include:

  • Advertising
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises clients on issues of advertising law and legality of advertising, in entering into contracts for production and broadcasting of advertising and in assessing the compliance of advertising products with applicable legal requirements.
  • Misleading or unauthorised advertising
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw draws up claims regarding the illegality of advertising, unauthorised comparative advertising and unfair commercial practices. Our lawyers also represent clients in public authorities including the Competition Council and the Consumer Rights Protection Authority, investigating the compliance of advertising with applicable legal requirements and in courts defending the interests of clients in cases concerning illegal and misleading advertising.
  • Media law and corrective statements
    The lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw advise on issues of conformity of information published with legal requirements and on issues of public relations campaigns planned. The team of our lawyers represents the interests of clients in the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics and in other respective authorities and, if required, defends the reputation of our clients in courts.