Gambling and online gaming

Gambling and online gaming

The sector of Gambling and Online Gaming is growing in the context of constant changes in regulation. As the regulation of gambling becomes stricter, the regulation of online gaming is changing considerably and is opening horizons for the development of this industry.

Our client base includes both start-ups developing innovative online gaming for the global market and global gambling operators.

Our expertise covers the incorporation of companies to operate in this sector and licensing of their activities, advising on other regulatory issues of the sector, as well as advising on intellectual property, copyright, data processing and other issues. We also have experience in other fields closely related to the industry of gambling and online gaming – it includes legal issues of technologies, social media, e-commerce, advertising, sponsorship projects, data protection issues and delivers added value to clients of ECOVIS ProventusLaw.

Legal issues arising in the sector of gambling and online gaming are addressed by our lawyers working in the fields of Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations, Telecommunications, IT and Data Protection, Media and Advertising, Competition Law, Tax, Dispute Resolution, Company Law and Labour Law.

Our clients also entrust the team of ECOVIS ProventusLaw with complex legal issues covering several jurisdictions and when addressing those issues we rely, if required, on the expertise of the team of ECOVIS experts working worldwide.

The experience of ECOVIS ProventusLaw in the sector of gambling and online gaming and our expertise enable us to advise clients on how to identify, protect or optimise the potential occurring in the changing legal environment.

The range of services provided by us in this sector includes:

  • advising on consumer-developed content
  • advising on national and EU regulation of gambling and online gaming industry
  • advising on data protection issues
  • assistance in obtaining licences required for operating gambling and online gaming
  • advising on issues of intellectual property rights in products developed as well as provision and implementation of comprehensive protection solutions
  • advising on intellectual property issues
  • assessment of compliance of contents of communication and advertising campaigns with legal requirements
  • advising on issues of misleading and unauthorised advertising
  • assistance with issues of national and EU competition law including unfair competition
  • defence of reputation in the public and in courts
  • representation in disputes
  • cyber-security
  • incorporation of companies
  • advising on labour law issues
  • advising on tax issues