Corporate governance

Corporate governance

The lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw offer legal assistance to clients from their first steps – we establish entities and register their offices in Lithuania, the EU and in other countries, advise on the legal form of entities and draw up all documents necessary for their incorporation. Our lawyers also advise on legal issues of corporate governance, develop and implement strategies of protection of the interests of shareholders.

Our law firm helps to maintain the development and expansion of business in cases of acquisition, change of legal form or reorganisation of entities, perform legal and tax due diligence.

If required, our lawyers use the assistance of partners of the ECOVIS network operating worldwide, in particular where acquisition, change of legal form or reorganisation spans multiple jurisdictions.

The experience by ECOVIS ProventusLaw include:

  • Incorporation of entities in Lithuania, the EU and in other countries
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw incorporates public companies (AB), private companies (UAB), sole proprietorships, partnerships (TŪB and KŪB), small partnerships (MB), public undertakings, investment funds, associations and other legal entities. The international ECOVIS group is ready to promptly incorporate a company or another legal entity in any EU country or in another country worldwide as well as to offer comprehensive advice in the field of incorporation and taxation of entities.
    When incorporating entities, our principal focus lies on the proper selection of the legal form, drafting of incorporation documents and assessment of tax environment in a foreign country. The international ECOVIS group can take care of accounting and representation of a company domiciled in virtually any country of the world from the moment of its incorporation.
  • Representation in arbitration
    The lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw assist companies operating both in Lithuania and in any other EU member states in obtaining licences for payment institutions and e-money operations. With the assistance of our partners from the international ECOVIS network we can incorporate a company and obtain a licence required by our client in virtually any country in which our client has business interests.
  • Company law
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw draws up articles of association, incorporation agreements, shareholders agreements and other incorporation documents for public and private companies and represents founders throughout the incorporation and later in the management process. We provide legal assistance in relation to protection of shareholders’ interests, separation of powers of management bodies for the purposes of risk management and advise on issues of limitation of powers.
    With the assistance of experts from the international ECOVIS group, we create holding structures ensuring the protection of legal title of shareholders and tax planning, participate in resolution of disputes between companies, their executives and shareholders in the pre-trial stage and in court.
  • Acquisition, change of legal form and reorganisation
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises clients in the process of mergers and acquisitions, change of legal form and reorganisation. Our lawyers have considerable experience in changing the legal form, reorganisations, mergers, demergers and spin-offs of public companies (AB), private companies (UAB), sole proprietorships, small partnerships (MB), public undertakings (VšĮ), investment funds and other legal entities. If an assessment of reorganisation conditions is required, we can get assistance from our partners – certified auditors from the ECOVIS network – and where the need for international legal expertise arises in the process of reorganisation, experts from the international ECOVIS network are always ready to help.
  • Legal due diligence
    We provide legal due diligence services in the acquisition of companies and holdings or where a client wishes to check the efficiency of business operations. In Lithuania, ECOVIS ProventusLaw offers comprehensive legal due diligence including legal, tax and financial audit, which can be performed together with certified Lithuanian auditors from the ECOVIS network. The international ECOVIS network enables us to provide such comprehensive services also to international companies.