IT and telecommunication

IT and telecommunication

Technology-based business sectors are highly dynamic and thus the regulatory environment always lags several steps behind. Due to this reason, a lawyer’s task in this sector often involves the education of regulatory authorities in this field and the initiation of changes in the legal environment. On the other hand, understanding policy matters and the regulatory framework developed, as well as the trends of EU regulation, which affect the business plans of our clients, is equally important. Therefore, the lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw maintain regular contact with competent surveillance authorities in order to better understand law and policy matters, they also extend their knowledge in the field of EU legal regulation.

In order to ensure the competitiveness of business in this sector, it is important to note intellectual property and data protection issues and thus a sound knowledge of technologies and a full understanding of IT and Telecommunication business processes are of critical importance. Due to all the reasons stated above – we speak your language. As we understand both your engineers or product developers and those responsible for the introduction of developed solutions to the market, working and pursuing your goals with us is simple.
Our comprehensive experience in this sector gained in over 15 years and legal challenges overcome, which helped our clients to successfully find their place on the market, make us a special market player. Our expertise includes full assistance in developing new services and products, ensuring their protection and presentation to businesses and end-users. Severe competition in the sector has also been marked by our several significant victories in courts and in negotiations with relevant surveillance authorities.

These business issues are dealt with by our lawyers specialising in the fields of Telecommunications, IT and Data Protection, Financial Services, Licensing and Regulatory, Competition, Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations, Dispute Resolution which are also assisted by our experts in the fields of Company Law and Labour Law.

Our clients also entrust the team of ECOVIS ProventusLaw with complex legal issues covering several jurisdictions and when addressing those issues we rely, if required, on the expertise of the team of ECOVIS experts working in over 60 countries worldwide.

When working with our clients we develop solutions that ensure an efficient penetration of innovative IT and telecommunication services as well as products to the market.

The range of services provided by us in this sector includes:
  • advising on issues of obtaining permits and licences
  • advising on issues of Lithuanian and EU regulatory framework
  • advising on the development, introduction and maintenance of new services
  • opinions on restrictions and risks of application of innovative technologies in Lithuania and in other EU states
  • representation in relations with market surveillance authorities
  • representation in disputes or negotiations with other market players
  • advising on legal aspects of infrastructure use
  • advising on issues of intellectual property rights in a product developed as well as development and implementation of comprehensive protection solutions
  • advising on data protection and privacy policy issues
  • development of trade strategy, advising on e-commerce or distance marketing
  • drafting data transfer agreements and data centres
  • drafting service contracts
  • advising on compliance of communication of services with legal requirements
  • big data
  • Internet of Things
  • cloud computing
  • assistance in dealing with national and EU competition law issues, including unfair competition
  • representation in disputes
  • legal assistance in public procurement procedures
  • cyber-security

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