Real estate and construction

Real estate and construction

ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises on issues of acquisition, development and construction of commercial and residential real estate. This is one of the key practice areas of our law firm marked by significant achievements and works which we are proud of.

We create the greatest added value for clients in the process of real estate development as a result of our experience gained. Our lawyers have assisted in reaching material agreements and in performing transactions by coordinating general contracting and subcontracting agreements for development of large real estate projects, in legalising large real estate objects and in defending the interests of our clients in court and arbitration. ECOVIS ProventusLaw advises on planning and zoning, design and construction process from issuance of construction permits to acceptance of buildings as fit for use. Our lawyers advise clients on requirements for construction and design contracts and on payment issues arising in the course of performance of these contracts.
The lawyers of ECOVIS ProventusLaw also advise on issues of sale, purchase and mortgage of real estate, perform legal due diligence of real estate and thus help clients to determine the value of real estate and potential risks in a more objective manner. Where certain issues span multiple jurisdictions, we offer the assistance of ECOVIS network partners operating in over 60 countries worldwide.

The lawyers of our law firm have gained considerable experience related to lease contracts of offices in business centres, lease contracts of sales area in shopping centres and other contracts for long-term lease. The expertise of our lawyers in this field enables our clients to negotiate more favourable material lease conditions with tenants.

We also deal with litigation and arbitration disputes related to real estate, construction process, challenging construction permits in court, illegal construction and elimination of its consequences.

Clients of ECOVIS ProventusLaw appreciate our expertise in the area of real estate and construction and our understanding of the specificities of this sector. Our lawyers are often contacted by real estate developers and contractors as well as clients interested in the elimination of consequences of illegal construction but we also advise clients who face such issues occasionally.

The experience by ECOVIS ProventusLaw include:

  • Real estate transactions and finance
    Our lawyers represent clients in the process of sale and acquisition of real estate, draft preliminary, sale contracts, contracts establishing the procedure for use of real estate, lease contracts and other agreements, represent clients in negotiations, at notaries public and in registering legal title with the Lithuanian Real Estate Register.
  • Construction contracts and FIDIC contracts
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw drafts construction contracts, subcontracting and other agreements and assists in negotiating them as well as represents clients in the process of performance of contracts.
  • Construction permits and construction process
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw represents clients in obtaining construction permits, in verifying their legality and in contesting them. Our lawyers represent clients in municipal institutions, the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate and in administrative courts in which disputes regarding planning documentation and construction permits are resolved.
  • Elimination of consequences of illegal construction and legalisation of buildings
    ECOVIS ProventusLaw represents clients in civil litigation and in subsequent process of elimination of consequences of illegal construction. Our expertise and legal knowledge of technical regulation of construction enables us to ensure that buildings constructed in violation of applicable legislation are legalised with minor modifications and without demolition with minimum legalisation costs for clients.