Financial services

Financial services

Strict legal regulation is a distinctive feature of the Financial Services sector in all countries. Moreover, this sector is highly diversified and covers lots of instruments and services as well as various business models.

ECOVIS ProventusLaw provides full assistance to financial institutions including e-money institutions, payment institutions, financial brokerage firms, investment funds, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate investment funds, insurance companies and other entities operating in this sector. Our clients include payment institutions operating on the international level and local financial institutions.

Our experience in this sector covers the incorporation of entities, licensing of payment and e-money activities, advice on money laundering and regulatory issues as well as representation of clients in relations with market surveillance authorities, when entering into transactions, in disputes, debt restructuring procedures and in offering shares or bonds etc.

These issues are addressed by our lawyers working in the fields of Financial Services, Licensing and Regulatory, Telecommunications, IT and Data Protection, Tax, Dispute Resolution, Company Law and Labour Law.

Our clients also entrust the team of ECOVIS ProventusLaw with complex legal issues covering several jurisdictions and when addressing those issues we rely, if required, on the expertise of the team of ECOVIS experts working in over 60 countries worldwide. Since the authorities of our country cooperate willingly with both experts and business entities, Lithuania is becoming a corridor leading businesses, including international entities, to the European Union .

We work together with our clients to develop solutions aimed at protecting their assets and reputation or at introducing new products to the market, that help them pursue their strategic and fiscal goals.

The range of services provided by us in this sector includes:
  • representation in obtaining required licences
  • advising on sector regulatory and risk management issues
  • representation in relations with market surveillance authorities
  • advising on issues of electronic payments and e-money, foreign remittances and foreign currency exchange transactions
  • assistance in the development of financial products and services
  • advising on money laundering issues
  • loans and debt restructuring, insolvency
  • incorporation of companies
  • representation in transactions
  • advising on IT and data protection issues
  • representation in disputes
  • advising on tax issues
  • advising on labour law issues

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