Public authorities and public-sector enterprises

Public authorities and public-sector enterprises

We give different answers to different questions

The requirements for the public sector as well as their firms are high and often controversial. On the one hand they should be orientated for the common good, on the other hand they should be economic and efficient. In addition, the federation and its states have different problems than administration of the circles and communes; hospitals have different problems than utility and transportation firms. There are a lot of questions to which answers can be found:

How can several units be goal-orientated controlled?
Can public services be offered in cooperation with private services?
Which consequences does the privatisation of public tasks have?
How can accounting be shaped so that it applies to the modern controlling and fiscal aspects?
How can certain domains be fiscally and economically optimised?

We adjusted ourselves to the different needs of our client circle. The fitting team is selected for the tasks at hand. Thereby it is always our goal, not only to present a solution, but also to work it out together, to introduce them to the appropriate committees and also to guide them through the transformation period.


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