Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Complex businesses, complex consultation services

It is definitely a future market: by the year 2020 at least 20 percent of Germany’s electricity is expected to be produced using renewable energy sources. The state helps with considerable subsidies, so that a modern growth industry is being created which offers firms in diverse branches highly promising development opportunities and business openings. This applies to high-tech vendors of photovoltaic systems, as well as to firms from traditional branches, such as heating and sanitary appliances, tank and plant manufacturers and even agriculture.

We are well positioned with our interdisciplinary advisory approach to assist firms, project assistants and initiators in this complex business: the construction of power plants and the ensuing sale of electricity, there is a need for interlocking advice in the fields of commerce, legal and fiscal matters. In the case of extensive projects, we draw on the expertise of universities and business consultancies which can supply the specific technical know-how and information needed.


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