Real estate business

Real estate business

We mobilise the potential value of your real estate building, evaluating, earning, financing, administrating, selling – during the life cycle of real estate business there are various types of tasks at hand.

Thereby as a general rule they carry a high investment risk, since economic success is dependent on a lot of factors. Among other things, when renting a residential building it is possible that a constant changing jurisdiction will lead to an unexpected cost increase. Fiscally speaking, the subject of commercial real estate dealings is a long runner.
To sustainably mobilise the value potentials of real estate, we consult and supervise real estate firms holistically. The array of services reaches from investment and financing analysis to specialised real estate business asset and revenue analysis, the real estate assessment and the real estate orientated auditing up until tax consultation and the annual financial statement.
With our field of serves in public real estate we support cities and communities through the implementation of communal real estate management.


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