Corporate advisory services

Corporate advisory services

You want to do business – we are with you.

Entrepreneurs – are enterprising. Which means, they have to be prepared to take decisions.
Just how successful these decisions are depends, however, not only on your own performance but also on the quality of your advisors.
As your partners they too must be capable of quickly but firmly grasping the essential features of your business environment.
They must also develop extensive knowledge of your industry. This is the only way they can provide businesspeople with the information they require to be able to take the right decisions.

We offer

  • rating advice
  • start-up consultation
  • business accounting
  • strategic development and monitoring thereof
    • feasibility studies
    • SWOT analysis
    • location analysis
    • ABC analysis
  • organisation advice
    • advice on restructuring
    • outsourcing
    • interim management
  • advice on financing and investment banking
    • investment appraisals
    • venture capital negotiations
    • financial planning
  • external controlling
    • cost and production accounting
    • costing methods
    • break-even analysis
  • mergers and acquisitions
    • research analysis on partnerships
      and investments
    • advice on management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • advice to public administration and public sector businesses
  • advice on privatisation
  • benchmarking
  • coaching

Corporate finance

We have been privileged to be able to advise many small and medium-sized enterprises on the application of successful strategies to strengthen their equity capital base, on the restructuring of existing external financing and acquisition of new financing.
Our services also include advice on possible public funding support and credit instruments.
We are listed with KfW, the German restructuring loan corporation, as a consulting firm.
Another service we provide is the compilation of synopses and management summaries designed for presentation of a company’s current financial situation and its forecasts to banks and investors.
Should our clients so desire, we can establish contact within our network to private investors, venture capital companies and banks, to open up new financing sources. We also assist our clients with advice on the acquisition of capital, starting with the initial presentation to the inflow of funds.
We offer our consultancy services in the area of corporate finance primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany and the Baltic states.


We offer our clients advisory services in the fields of corporate finance and project funding and assistance with the acquisition and sale of enterprises.

By preparing transparent presentations depicting an efficient loan structure requirement, our advisors and clients co-operate in creating the right conditions for the acquisition of external capital and shareholder equity.

We can provide useful contacts to funding organisations by tapping into our extensive network of German and foreign banks, venture capital enterprises, fund managers and people of private means.

As an additional service we can assist our clients to choose the form of financing most suitable to their purposes and with its implementation. When it comes to drafting the requisite contracts and undergoing impairment tests, we can draw on the services of our partners in our taxation and legal divisions.

Cost reduction – improving earning power

Particularly in the case of small and medium-sized businesses, the degree of exploitation of their potential for cost reduction is a factor decisive to their economic success. Where general office expenses (telecommunications, cars, IT, stationery, insurance etc.) are concerned, we have created a pool solution which has already enabled many of our clients to make significant cost reductions.

We have also acquired specialised knowledge in the conception of performance-related remuneration schemes.

We can draw on the expertise of our partners in our legal divisions to implement such projects.

Many of our small and medium-sized clients have requested us to produce productivity and cost comparison analyses to enable them to see where they stand in relation to similar enterprises in Germany and abroad and then to develop and implement concepts for making improvements.

Feasibility study

We have produced feasibility studies for many public institutions at municipal, regional, national and EU levels.

The main subjects of review so far have been technology parks, retail clusters and industrial parks, technology centres and scientific transfer institutions as well tourist, recreational and cultural facilities.


Our management consultancy services focus primarily on small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as local authorities and their operations.

The main objective of management consultancy services is to improve efficiency by devising new structures and procedures, and exploiting potential for cost reduction.

Human resources and management consultancy

Our area of expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • individual coaching (especially conceived for executive personnel)
  • group coaching for people from various companies/institutions
  • (e. g. for executive personnel to allow them to exchange their experiences and approaches)
  • mediation
  • organisational development
  • team counselling for members of project teams in companies and institutions
  • (e. g. executive teams)

Project funding

Many of our clients are interested in establishing companies dedicated to the specific purpose of investing in residential or commercial property, tourist and recreational facilities, renewable energy plants and processing plants for agricultural commodities or renewable resources.
We can assist you with the preparation of project concepts, including the requisite market analyses, benchmarking and budgets. This means also examining existing concepts for feasibility, and supplementing them were necessary.
Another service we can offer you is assistance with the planning and realisation of the legal form and organisational structure most suitable to attract funding, and with operator solutions in co-operation with experienced partners in our legal and tax advisory divisions.
A major focus of our advisory services lies in the establishment and maintenance of contact to banks and investors in equity. To this end we make use of the network of financing partners which we have built up over the years. We help our clients design the best mixture possible for their overall financing concept, composed of external financing, equity and, in some cases, subsidies.
We offer our consultancy services in the area of project financing in Germany and the three Baltic states.

Quality and environmental consulting

We have provided many small and medium-sized enterprises with assistance in the design and maintenance of their quality and environmental management systems. Our prime aim – and that of our clients too – is always to increase efficiency and improve results.

We regard the certification obtained, be it according to ISO 9000/2000 or the EU eco-audit and management scheme, as an additional benefit.

Regenerative energy production and recycling economy

We have expertise in the following fields, among others:

  • bio-gas plants
  • combined mechanical and biological waste recovery
  • bio-diesel plants, rapeseed oil combustion
  • combined heat and power plants
  • solar plants

We can offer you the following services:

  • management project development
  • structuring and installation of project sponsoring schemes
  • financial advice
  • constant support during operational stage

Restructuring and flexibility schemes

One of the key aspects of our management consultancy services is to help our clients to increase their flexibility, thereby mitigating risks and reducing their fixed costs pool. We also provide support with various outsourcing reviews using benchmarking procedures, and the implementation of outsourcing.
We have developed concepts for privatisation, outsourcing and the awarding of contracts and can help you with their implementation.
Our main focus lies with traffic units, waste-disposal and supply units, swimming baths and entities in the tourist industry.
We have also experience in assisting major medium-sized businesses and corporate group clients with management buy-out proceedings, from their conception to their economic review to the financial empowerment of the MBO business.

Business recovery services

We have a special team dedicated to business recovery services. Our services in the realm of financial and management consultancy have been tailored to the particular contingencies of business crises. Many banks regularly recommend our services to their clients in such cases.

Our business recovery services for our clients include a quick check, due diligence, an examination of their business to see whether it is capable of being restructured and whether this would be worthwhile, assistance with the production of a recovery concept and with its implementation.

We have also often joined forces with liquidators to produce insolvency plans and assist with their implementation.


You can reach us in our various locations or centrally in Berlin:

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