We make sure that everything works out smoothly with the revenue office

Considering that the public funds are empty, associations and non-profit organisations will become more important for society in the future. Without their commitment today, in the social domain there would be no support offers or services. However, the initiators and responsible ones need competent assistance in case of administrative, legal and fiscal questions.

What kind of fiscal benefits apply to voluntary workers and how is the salary for a freelance handled?
Donate or sponsor? How do I correctly weigh the interests of the association against or for donators or sponsors?
What does the liability of the board and members look like?
Which rules are valid in accounting?

In regard to legal, fiscal and accounting characteristics of associations and non-profit organisations, we offer specialised experts. Besides, we work together with diverse networks with communes, countries and political institutions. To concentrate our experience and our existing relevant knowledge, we build expert centres for certain subject areas. We offer seminars for employees and volunteers.


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