Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry

You are owner of an agricultural and forestry business.

You are constantly confronted with new tax policies, complex parameters and bureaucratic obstacles.

You ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I create all possibilities within the valid law to minimise my tax load?
  • How can I improve my income situation?
  • Who supports me through accounting, tax return and determination of income obligations and presenting an annual financial statement?
  • Who guides me through investment plans, structured financing and bank consultations?
  • Who can give me competent information to all questions concerning wage tax law and social security, especially when engaging with foreign employees?
  • How and with whom do I handle the transfer of my agriculture and forestry business?

Your benefits

  1. Knowing what’s being said
    You will receive extensive tax consultation, business consultation and qualified accounting from us. In addition, our tax and legal consultants that are specialised for agriculture and forestry are available on site for fiscal and legal questions.
  2. Energetic support
    Qualified experts consult and support you with finance matters, whether it concerns investments, rescheduling, transfer of reserve assets or when in negotiations with banks.
  3. Appraisals and evaluations
    If required you will receive extensive evaluations and appraisals from our agriculture and forestry specialised experts.
  4. Use networks
    With Ecovis you will gain a partner which works closely with agricultural organisations e.g. DBV, BBV an HLBS.


You can reach us in our various locations or centrally in Berlin:

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Tel.: +49 30-31 00 08 55
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