Finance and insurance services

Finance and insurance services

Perfectly customised consultation offers

From simple liability police to complex pension plan, from household goods to a firm’s risk-protection – the challenge of an insurance broker and facilitator are just as multi-layered as the pallet of modern insurance products are. You need to know the small print of different vendors and be able to elaborate a contractual offer as optimal as possible for your clients. Thereby, you will be in competition with the insurance companies as well as with the new electronic sales media.

With a specific customised consultation offer, Ecovis relieves insurance mediators, brokers and medium-sized structured finance services from additional workload in bookkeeping, accounting, statement on excess of receipts over expenses or tax returns. A taxpayer view for insurance mediators as well as system guidance for package prices and the German Securities Trade Act or Brokers‘ and Developers‘ Directive (MaBV) for insurance brokers, round up the service pallet.

Banks and savings banks trust Ecovis with specific legal questions, for example concerning the creation of tax-efficient financial products.


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