Catering and tourism

Catering and tourism

Our range of services offers an abundance of options

In hotels and restaurants time runs at a different pace. Evening and night work as well as the employment of seasonal workers in the high season are not only a challenge for each business and every single worker but also for those who are in charge of technical administration and the correct handling of taxes. The demands made of the cash desk and in the accounts department, too, are high than in other types of business, because of the large amount of cash changing hands.

From long years of experience we know just where the shoe pinches in the catering and tourism sectors. In our cooperation with restaurants and hotel chains, as well as the chamber of industry and commerce, we have our ear to the ground and can pass on the latest information to our clients. Besides providing individual consultancy services provided by teams with specific knowledge of the industry, we also offer a whole string of standard products for hotels and restaurants. For example the online cash register, 10nit banking, diverse tools, checklists and business assessments specific to this sector.


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