Tax residence in Uruguay
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Tax residence in Uruguay

As a way to promote the arrival of investors, the Uruguayan government has recently softened the requirements needed to obtain the tax residence in Uruguay.

We have created an alliance with the legal firm Pérez del Castillo & Asociados and the consulting firm specialized in international mobility Mobility LC, so as to grant you all the solutions you require if you are abroad and want to invest and/or move with your family to Uruguay.

We communicate fluidly and constantly with each of our clients so we can assure you that the migration process will be clear, straightforward and transparent.

Obtaining the Uruguayan Tax Residence

We can provide you the expertise and trust you need to answer all your questions and doubts on how to obtain the tax residence in Uruguay. How many days should I live in Uruguay? When and how do I stop paying taxes in my country of origin?

Additional Formalities

We can assist you in all formalities and procedures needed not only to obtain the tax residence, but also those you need to set up your business as well as if you wish to move in with your family to Uruguay. These formalities can be: ID card, legal residence and citizenship, opening bank accounts, healthcare insurance, among others.

Tax Residence in Argentina – Shut down

For Argentinians who wish to settle down in Uruguay is crucial to carry out all formalities needed to shut down the tax residence in your home country. We can provide you with a team of consultants in Argentina that will help you, step by step, to fulfill all the necessary procedures so you can avoid double or multiple taxation.

Investment Projects

If you wish to invest your money in Uruguay, it is important to take advantage of all the tax benefits our country provides. We can assist you in the implementation of investment projects, managing the needed permits and authorizations, tax exemptions and its respective declaration of national interest.

Tax and Accounting Advice

We can provide you with advice on all matters regarding Uruguayan taxes as well as on current accounting regulations so you can analyze the impact on your finances now and in the future, before taking the decision of moving into Uruguay.