Ecovis Uruguay
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Ecovis Uruguay

In Montevideo Ecovis offers tax consulting, accounting, audit & assurance, IFRS advice, consulting, payroll services, international tax planning.

Our people, our success

The success Ecovis Uruguay is based on the knowledge and the academic achievements gained by our partners and our team.

Experts in several disciplines compose our team: accountants, lawyers, notary publics, engineers as well as advanced students of these specializations.

They are all committed to a training plan, which enables them to grow and be trained as professionals and as advisors. This plan is complemented with the assistance to external courses taught by national and international experts.

Excellence in quality

For being part of one of the best international networks, we have to comply with strict procedures with the aim of ensuring high quality in each of our services.

Furthermore, our partners take part in worldwide technical and quality committees, which allows us to be at the forefront of the most recent changes and innovations on an international level.


Our Values

Trust is a value that must be present in each of the relationships we maintain with our clients, as well as with each member of our team. To establish this trust, we aim to be CLOSE, with INTEGRITY and with the capacity to LISTEN.

To obtain the best of ourselves and our clients, we must necessarily work as a team. For this, we expect to establish relationships based on mutual RESPECT, on UNITY and professional EMPATHY.

Professional Competence
Our ethics as professionals involves being professionally competent. This value results in high quality services and in the knowledge and expertise gained by our team. To achieve this, we aim to be CREATIVE, COMMITED and seek to LEARN from every challenge.

Contact us:

Partner in Uruguay
Marcelo Caiafa
+598 2712 4968


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