Tax consulting
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Tax consulting

Our Tax Consulting service offers our clients different alternatives and strategies to strengthen the structure of their business and minimize the tax burden.

For this, we rely on a multidisciplinary team of professional with solid technical knowledge and with great expertise in delivering high quality tax services.

Tax Advising

Globalization has increased the number of company mergers and divisions as well as sale transactions. Furthermore, the strategy followed up in our country to attract investments, which resulted in the approval of a number of regulations in terms of fiscal benefits, has encouraged the settlement and development of new businesses.

  • Which is the best way to undertake a business transfer: fusion, acquisition of shares or sale of commercial establishment?
  • Which is the best legal structure that should be adopted in order to launch your entrepreneurship?
  • Your business is carrying out several investment projects: are you taking the maximum tax benefits granted?
  • Are you being efficient, in fiscal terms, in the use of your financial resources when deciding the contracting of your suppliers?

Tax Diagnosis

Nowadays, fiscal inspections occur frequently and, given the impact it has had on tax collection, it is expected that this pace will be maintained.

We offer a review in order to detect situations that could eventually generate a capital loss to your business, caused by a questioning from the tax authorities. These situations are not detected by external auditors, or by the company staff, or even by the tax advisors in charge of the calculation of taxes.

The end product is a report containing in a detailed manner, all the encountered issues, including the corresponding recommendations.
Preparation and review of Tax Sworn Statements

With different frequencies, the taxpayer must present tax sworn statements. The proper calculation and presentation avoids fines and unwanted extra charges.

We offer the possibility to calculate taxes, present the corresponding sworn statements and, eventually, review the sworn statements that must be submitted by the client in order to avoid contingencies.

Tax audits

Are you sure that you have calculated correctly your taxes and have considered the appropriate fiscal criteria when doing so? Have you submitted all corresponding information? If an inspection were to occur, do you possess evidence to justify the calculation made or the criteria used?

A tax audit for one or more taxes can provide an overview of how well you are before the tax authority and evaluate the risks taken, as well as the possibility to mitigate or eliminate any risk.

Assistance and support in procedures made by the tax administration

Before a procedure of the tax administration, we can assess on which steps to follow, collaborate in the technical basis and the criteria assumed and the possibility to demonstrate before the administration this criteria in case of disagreement.

These processes generate a great deal of wear and tear inside the business, but if it is outsourced it saves time and money.
Assessment in investment projects for tax benefits

Our legislation foresees particular tax benefits for certain investment projects that are presented to the State. These investment projects can have one or more benefits according to the criteria assumed, investment alternatives, etc.

We can assess in order to obtain the maximum tax benefits as well as in the development and submission of the project.

“Ecovis Uruguay is a key partner that we can trust and one that can help us handle the continuous challenges we face in the tax area. The availability of its excellent professional team provides us with the tranquility we need in order to build a solid tax planning. In the business environment where the only constant thing is change, having a partner like Ecovis that stays ahead of problems and provides specific and achievable solutions is crucial to the compliance of our objectives and deadlines.”

Felipe Galvalisi
Banco Nación Argentina

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