Business Consulting
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Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting service ranges from the analysis of the company’s management through the effective use of the accounting statements, to the development and evaluation of investment projects as well as business valuations.

We count with tools developed by our team of professionals, which enables us to be at the forefront of the technological advances.

Investment Projects

The aim of the investment projects is to draw up a business plan that includes the analysis of technical and economic feasibility for a new entrepreneurship or the development of an existing one.

Some of the reasons in order to draw up an investment project includes:

  • Analyzing if a certain idea is feasible from the economic point of view
  • Analyzing how much profitable the entrepreneurship is
  • Develop financing strategies for an entrepreneurship aligned to the repay capacity.
  • Presenting the entrepreneurship to a possible investor in order to obtain financing
  • When facing various possible investments, invest in the most profitable option

Business Valuation

Business valuation consists of estimating the economic value of a company. There are multiple reasons why to determine the value of a company:

  • Purchase-sale transactions, where the valuation is a reference value for the purchaser and the seller. From the point of view of the buyer, it can be thought as the maximum price to pay, while from the seller’s point of view, it will be the minimum price to accept.
  • Heritages and wills, in order to compare the value of the actions with other assets.
  • Strategic decisions for the business, such as how to continue with a business, sell, merge; buy other businesses, growth, etc.
  • Financing, for example through private investors in exchange for participation on the business.

Our focus is to determine the value through the deduction method of flow of funds, which considers the capacity of the company to generate funds for its owners.

Information Management

Our service aims to perform a complete diagnosis of the economic and financial situation of the company, by using the information that is already drawn up: the financial statements. We count with tools and our own methodology that allows us to perform a detailed analysis of the situation of the company and answer many of the concerns for which businesses frequently cannot find the answer:

  • Is the economic and financial situation of the company healthy?
  • Is the level of debt excessive? In which things were the funds invested?
  • The structure for financing the business, is it the adequate?
  • Which is the operative break-even point?
  • Which are the most important clients of the company? Which clients have increased their volume of business and which have reduced it?

Money Laundering Prevention

Money laundering tries to hide and disguise the nature, origin, location, property or control of money and/or goods which were illegally obtained. It tries to introduce in the economy, assets of illicit origin, but turning them into seemingly legal, which allows criminal organizations to hide the illegal origin of its product without endangering the source. Businesses should try to avoid being used as a tool for money laundering.
Regulations state that the entities bound to inform the UIAF are those who perform these activities:

  • Currency purchase
  • Loans and pawns
  • Trade and antiques
  • Trade of jewelry, precious stones and metals, coins, works of art, postage stamps.
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Sale and purchase of vehicles, vessels and aircrafts

“Ecovis Uruguay works with us delivering business consulting services and, specifically, information management services since 2017. We highlight its professionalism, their analytic capabilities and the promptness in the performance of each project.”

Carolina Duhart
CPA at Ingener

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