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Tax related assurance services

Certified Public Accountant shall carry out necessary audit procedures for the information of the authentication object and issue the assurance report, so as to enhance the behavior and process of the expected users other than the responsible party to trust the information of the authentication object.
Scope of services: verification of enterprise income tax final settlement tax declaration; verification of enterprise property loss before income tax deduction; verification of enterprises’ loss compensation before income tax; verification of land value-added liquidation tax; verification of real estate enterprise tax adjustment; other tax related verification business.

Tax advisory services

Using tax law and tax policy, we can provide a variety of services for the optimization of taxpayers’ tax behavior, solve tax problems, handle tax affairs under the authorization of taxpayers, coordinate the relationship between tax authority and enterprises, and adjust tax disputes.

Scope of service:

  • tax agency
  • tax planning
  • tax related review, etc.

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