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Management consulting service

The core idea of management consulting service of ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants is to work with customers to better understand the business environment and future development direction of enterprises, and help enterprises develop more targeted consulting solutions.

Scope of service:

  • provide opinions and suggestions on the company’s governance structure
  • information system
  • budget management
  • human resource management
  • operating efficiency, etc.

The design of enterprise internal control system

A series of management method adopted by modern enterprises, institutions and other relevant organizations in the management of economic and financial activities.

With rich practical experience and advanced business philosophy, the expert team of ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants diagnoses the enterprise by scientific methods through investigation, finds problems, analyzes problems, and puts forward solutions, so as to help the enterprise improve the internal control environment, standardize financial accounting management, improve property preservation, prevent market operation risks, and strengthen information management, so as to create a suitable enterprise for customers.

Financial due-diligence

Entrusted by the client, to have a comprehensive understanding and investigation of the financial situation of the target enterprise.
In the financial due diligence service, we not only pay attention to the objective and in-depth reflection of the actual situation of the company under investigation, but also are good at discussing with the client and the company under investigation and putting forward constructive opinions and solutions.

Performance appraisal

Based on the principles of mathematical statistics, operational research and specific index system, an objective, fair and accurate comprehensive evaluation on the benefit and performance of the evaluation object in a certain period of time are made according to certain evaluation procedures and qualitative comparative analysis.

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Scope of services: