Audit of financial statements

Through the implementation of audit work, certified public accountants express audit opinions on if the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the prescribed standards. Scope of services: interim and annual accounting statements of enterprises.

Review of enterprise financial statements

To verify the historical financial information, the certified public accountant shall on the basis of review, explain whether he has noticed some misstatements to make him believe that the financial statements have not been prepared in accordance with the applicable accounting standards and have failed to fairly reflect the financial status, operating results and cash flow of the auditee in all material aspects.

Internal control auditing

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the “guidelines on auditing of internal control of enterprises” and the practice standards for Chinese certified public accountants, based on the implementation of the audit work, the audit opinions on the effectiveness of the internal control over financial reporting of the auditee are expressed. Audit opinion includes the confirmation and evaluation of the internal control design, whether exist operation defects and defects’ level, the analysis of the causes of the defects, and the suggestions for improving the internal control; disclosure of major defects in internal control over non-financial reporting.
Scope of service: enterprise internal control audit; provide suggestions on internal control defects that are found in the process of internal control audit.

Enterprise liquidation audit

The audit of enterprise liquidation needs to express audit opinions on whether the liquidation financial statements during the liquidation period are prepared in accordance with the “accounting standards for business enterprises” and the relevant provisions of liquidation; and whether it fairly reflects the financial situation on the liquidation date, the liquidation profit and loss and cash flow during the liquidation period.
Service scope: enterprise contract expiration liquidation audit; enterprise industry adjustment liquidation audit; enterprise unable going concern liquidation audit; enterprise illegal operation liquidation audit; enterprise merger liquidation audit; enterprise bankruptcy liquidation audit.

Enterprise capital verification

The capital verification service is to verify the paid in situation of the registered capital or the changes of the registered capital and paid in capital, and issue the capital verification report. Scope of service: capital verification for various enterprises’ establishment and alteration.

Audit of assets and capital verification

With respect to the results of liquidating inventory and verification, it is a special audit activity to issue a report on the basis of implementing necessary audit procedures and obtaining sufficient and appropriate audit evidence. The audit objective of assets and capital verification is to express opinions on whether the audited enterprise’s statements reflecting the results of liquidating inventory and verification are prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the applicable accounting standards and whether they reflect the financial status of the auditee in all material aspects.
TZUCPA has undertaken and implemented the assets and capital audit of dozens of large state-owned enterprise groups with rich industry experience.

Identification of judicial accounting

Entrusted by the judiciary authorities or the party concerned, it’s the activity of examining, identifying and judging the accounting documents, accounting books, accounting statements and other accounting materials related to the accounting problems involved in judicial cases, and providing written appraisal conclusions. The main contents of appraisal include appraisal of accounting data, appraisal of physical assets, appraisal of monetary funds, appraisal of current funds, appraisal of long-term and short-term investments, appraisal of bank loans, appraisal of costs and expenses, appraisal of profits, etc.
ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants has sufficient professional competence to accept the entrustment of judiciary authorities or parties to test, identify and judge the financial accounting problems in judicial cases, and provide true, reliable and legal financial accounting related evidence.

Audit of project final financial accounts

According to the basis for the preparation of the final financial statements, audit the implementation of the project construction and budget estimate, the source of funds and the construction cost, and finally express opinions on the authenticity, integrity and compliance of the final financial statements.
ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants adheres to the principles of objectivity and impartiality, seeking truth from facts, and draws a fair and just conclusion that is recognized by both the contractor and construction parties. ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants strictly comply to engineering construction data, carefully review the engineering measurement, engineering quantity change visa, quota application, material cost and acquisition. Actual survey and data measurement is inspected objectively and comprehensively through site investigation.

Economic responsibility audit

Audit on the performance of the economic responsibilities of the legal representative or business contractor of an enterprise or institution during his term of office or contract period. The main purpose of economic responsibility audit is to distinguish the responsibilities of the economic responsible person in the economic activities of the department or unit during his term of office, so as to provide reference for organizing personnel departments, discipline inspection and supervision authorities and other relevant departments to assess cadres’ utilization or to fulfill the contract.

Other audit services

Other audit services include: special audit of land consolidation cost, special audit of pawn enterprises, special audit of financial budget and budget implementation of the trade union, special audit of coronavirus prevention and control funds, special audit of high-tech enterprises, audit of special issues, special audit of technical transformation projects, annual audit of software enterprises, special audit of government subsidies, other special audit services.

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