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Key Industries

Over the years, ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants has been committed to fine division of industries and experience accumulation, and gradually established professional teams serving different industries in practice. In the face of fierce competition in the market, ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants can make continuous progress, learn and master the latest information of various industries, and help customers to catch the market opportunities.
With the economic development, ECOVIS TZU Certified Public Accountants takes on the responsibility of “economic guard”, persistently pursues the ideal of CPA practice;helps customers to achieve their set goals and creates more value and wealth.

In particular, we have established a number of dedicated teams by industry, focusing on sharing market information with customers within the industry and continuously improving our professional skills.

Energy industry

Energy is the most basic driving force for the development and economic growth of the whole world. The rapid development of Chinese energy industry has made an important contribution to the sustained and rapid development of the national economy.


With the accelerating process of economic globalization, made in China is moving towards the world with a high profile. Huge market demand brings optimistic development prospects, but also brings great competition and challenges.

Culture and Education

In the face of the rapid development of digital technology, the continuous expansion of the global market and technology convergence, the business model of culture and education industry is changing. Popular content appreciation because it can reach more audience, but also because the audience can receive more and more multiple and convenient things, the competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce.


The financial industry involves banking, insurance, trust, securities, futures and other fields. In order to help financial enterprises to reduce the impact of market turbulence, we attach importance to strengthen the construction of enterprise risk management system, and provide high-quality audit, tax and consulting services to customers in the financial industry while paying attention to customer needs.

Real Estate

As an emerging pillar industry, real estate plays an important role in the whole national economy, driving a series of industrial development.

Engineering Construction

Market competition in the construction industry will be further intensified under the background of overcapacity, the strong construction enterprises get stronger, the weak get out. Only by “taking advantage of power”, “understanding the strategy” and “optimizing skills”, can companies gain competitive advantages in the development processes.

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