Company appointments

Company appointments

Assistance in the accounting arrangement and auditing

Reliability serving the companies

Expert consultancy, talented professionals at client’s disposal, multidisciplinary approach and international vision:
the companies who are choosing ECOVIS® STLex are sure to benefit of all these advantages.

A further guarantee of reliability, seriousness and expertise of the
ECOVIS® STLex professionals is their interdisciplinary experience attained thanks to the specific roles played and the know-how acquired while serving in business concerns operating in different industries.

Many professionals of the Firm provide their remarkable abilities and experience holding top positions in some client companies.

Since long time, in fact, many of them serve as members on:

  • Board of directors;
  • Management boards;
  • Boards of auditors, with or without statutory audit duties, or sole statutory auditor;
  • Supervisory boards;
  • Surveillance boards in compliance with D.Lgs. (Legislative Decree) nr. 231/2001;