Extraordinary Transactions

Extraordinary Transactions

Assistance on acquisitions, mergers, demergers and capital contributions

Creating value for companies through new structures

Extraordinary transactions are all those corporate transactions different from the ordinary ones whose purpose is to change the structure, or the legal form, of a company also in case of generational change within a family business. It is easy to understand how delicate and important this kind of service for a company is.

The client assistance in acquisitions, mergers, demergers, spin-offs and capital contributions is one of the activities in which the Firm has increasingly improved its specialization over the years.

The ECOVIS® STLex consultants provide an integrated service to settle every kind of challenging issues: from the acquisition strategy to the arrangement of financial and tax leverage, from the contract management to the handling of the legal and corporate issues, up to providing solutions to organization and accounting problems.

Thanks to the connection with the other partners of the ECOVIS® International network, the firm is able to provide a concrete and qualified support also in case of cross-national extraordinary transactions involving totally or partially the enterprise, company and equity holding located abroad.

Likewise, the firm is present and provides its expertise to the business concerns that want to invest in Italy.

Specifically the Firm provides the following qualified services:

  • advice on acquisitions or alienation of national or foreign companies;
  • assistance in legal, accounting, and tax due diligence referred to acquisitions and extraordinary transactions;
  • legal and corporate assistance in equity capital transactions;
    legal assistance in acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, alienations and company hiring as well as in drafting and negotiation of every preparatory and ancillary operating agreement (non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, shareholders’ agreements, loan agreements, pledges, etc.) including the achievement of all the connected required authorizations, for example: antitrust approval, Banca d’ Italia, etc.;
  • advisory services and governance structure arrangements;
  • company evaluations;
  • analysis and outline of the extraordinary transactions;
  • memoranda and timetable of the extraordinary transactions;
  • sworn appraisals relevant to mergers, demergers, spin-offs, capital contributions;
  • transaction notifications to the competent antitrust authority.

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