Legal Advisory

Legal Advisory

Legal, contractual and corporate advisory

A service to make the expansion abroad easier

Being partner of the ECOVIS® International network means to provide qualified professionals who are expert in all the different fields of the national and international laws.

Thanks to its law specialists, ECOVIS STLex is able to advise its clients on every challenging-issue of law.

ECOVIS STLex does not provide a mere consulting service but it interacts with its customers, because only becoming fully aware of the issues from the customer’s viewpoint and recognizing the exact specificity of each company, or every situation, it is possible to provide a targeted legal advice that really answers to the client requests.
Furthermore, thanks to the Ecovis network, the Firm is able to support its clients worldwide creating liaisons between the Ecovis professional partners and the client.

Below we present a comprehensive list of the main advising and assistance services offered by the STLex professionals and lawyers in the legal field:

  • Contract preparation: drafting and negotiation of every type of national and international trade pacts; procurements, EPC, pools, temporary association of enterprises, agency, distribution, licensing, franchising, manufacturing, supply, research & development;
  • legal advice on joint-venture setting up as well as on governance structure arrangements;
  • assistance in contract drafting and negotiation referred to real estate hire and purchase, including those for hotel purposes;
  • Labour law: assistance to face the issues of labour law, conclusion and termination of employment contracts for managers and employees, drafting of incentive plans for employees and managers, drafting of non-competition agreements and non-dealing covenants;
  • legal assistance in insolvency proceedings, rearrangement, etc.
  • assistance in drafting and implementing of the organization and managing models compliant with the D. Lgs. (Legislative Decree) nr. 231/2001, serving as members of the Supervisory Board, when required.