About us

About us

The history of STLex began in Genoa in 1988, when some of our present partners decided to establish a professional partnership joining their expertise to establish a new entity whose main goal was the provision of advisory services in the tax, accounting, administrative, and organizational areas.

During the 90s, the Firm followed its natural attitude towards growth and territorial development by opening a seat in Milan.

At the beginning of 2000, STLex strengthened its position in the so-called Italian “Industrial Triangle” by opening a seat in Turin.

In 2013, STLex achieved a new and decisive success as to growth and development by enriching the services provided to its clients becoming the exclusive licensee for Italy of ECOVIS® International, the international network of tax and legal advisors.

The last key-event in chronological order is the merger of the Studio Valenti of Milan into Ecovis STLex occurred in early 2016. This top-level transaction boosted the development and growth level of the firm bringing to 100 the number of qualified specialists (staff, practitioners, consultants, associates and partners) as well as improving both the quality and the variety of the in-house available expertise.

The ECOVIS® STLex consulting for middle market companies is a professional association providing tax and legal advisory to both national enterprises and MNCs.
The mission of our team is to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of tax advice, law, corporate, accounting, administrative, labour law and organizational services.

Our privileged key-clients are the mid-sized companies to which we provide bespoke consulting services through the support and coordination of our 12 partners and the constant assistance of a structure consisting of dedicated teams of professionals, staff and specialists.