Financial Statement and Audit

Financial Statement and Audit

The firm provides audit, arrangement and accounting assistance thanks to its professionals.

Control the performance of the company to better manage the processes

To better run an enterprise, or a company, it is required to carry out periodic analysis of the business trends.

To meet the demand of clients and, specifically, of the SMEs, and of the family owned-businesses, the Firm provides very efficient auditing, organization and accounting services based on the understanding of the business processes and of the external context – as well as of the risk areas- where the enterprise operates.

Specifically, the firm spotlights its attention on the following services:

  • Statutory Audit on both the financial statements and on the consolidated balance sheet of all those companies required to be subjected to accounting control;
  • Voluntary Audit on both the financial statements and on the consolidated balance sheet accounts, or on intermediate financial status, of all those companies that, despite the exemption, want to be audited for different reasons;
  • Periodic compliance control of the procedures and/or of the company accomplishments with the specific legislative requirements for all those companies that want to support and strengthen their internal control supported by qualified professionals;
  • Assessment procedures agreed with the company management aiming to collect relevant pieces of information for internal use in specific balance sheet areas monitored by the company.

The organization and accounting assistance area is arranged as follows:

  • Assistance and coordination in the preparation of the Consolidated Annual Report;
  • Assistance in defining the company procedures aiming to monitor the significant risks through specific controls;
  • Assistance in drafting the accounting and managerial models required to manage and evaluate specific accounting areas, such as the left-over stock;
  • Assistance in the International accounting principles (IFRS) use, for those who want to assess in advance the potential impact arising from their adoption, or to implement a complete transition process to IFRS, or to solve specific technical issues arisen by IFRS application;
  • Accounting due diligence implementation to assess the assets and equity fairness of the being acquired company or business unit
  • Impairment Test assistance in compliance with the international principles and with the usually applied standards.