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Professional consultants for every need

Practice, expertise and professionalism: these features are peculiar of all the partners of the Firm. Both the education and the past job experiences of our professionals are well-defined and allowed them to become expert in a distinct field focusing their attention on a specific subject thus enabling them to deal with the many facets of a single case.

The close collaboration between partners and specialists -legal consultants, certified public accountants, auditors and labour law consultants- favours a coordinated and integrated multidisciplinary attitude towards companies allowing the accomplishment of all the tasks assigned, even the most challenging ones.

The business philosophy driving the whole team top-down is the special attention dedicated to each client in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of all the required details to successfully attain the duties assigned.

Our partners work in earnest, since they are committed to act as the connection between the Italian reality and the rest of the world: this was the challenging key- target of the firm from the very first moment of involvement with the big ECOVIS® International network. Through this undertaking, in case of collaborations abroad, the Firm can ensure to its clients the action of the appropriate specialist interacting on their place to understand the dynamics and to fulfil all the required procedures.

Since its establishment, passion and willpower have been the key-features of the Firm, and they are still the driving force of ECOVIS® STLex growth thanks to the commitment of those who have helped the Firm to reach the present size.