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Register the company’s real owners


New law in Denmark:

In our Newsletter UPDATE from July 5th, 2017 we wrote about this:

You must register your company’s real owners. The management of a company must be in control of who are the company’s real owners and in how its real ownership consists. This information must be registered at at the latest December 1st, 2017.

Real Owner

A real owner is a physical person, as a rule, directly or indirectly holds 25 percent or more of the company’s capital or voting rights. If not is a real owner, for example because the company’s owners each possess less than 25 percent of the votes and capital. The company’s board of directors then shall register as the company’s real owners.

Listed Companies

Companies where the shares listed for trading on regulated market are generally excluded from the requirement and if a listed company controls a company, this company’s board of directors register as real owners.

Need help

If you want us to register for you, please send an email to And, if you are already in position of the information needed, and if it is without too much complexity in examination of who is the real owner, we can do this registration for 125 €, VAT not included.

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