Doing business in Denmark

Doing business in Denmark

Denmark ranks number 1 at Transparency International as the least corrupted country and number 3 in Word Banks survey of ease of doing business. Denmark has been member of European Union since 1972 and consequently is to observe regulations and directive issued by EU and rulings made by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Danish is the official language; however, Denmark has a highly educated population with excellent foreign language skills. In fact, 5th on the EF English Proficiency Index 2018.

Interactions between persons, be it legal or individuals, and public authorities are digitalized why a digitally identity is needed (nemID) .
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  • Entity forms
  • Public limited companies (Aktieselskaber)
    • The management
    • Statutory publication
  • Private limited companies (Anpartsselskaber)
  • Branches (of foreign limited companies)
  • Permanent establishment (PE)
  • Representation offices
  • Accounting requirements
    • Form and contents of the annual report
  • Audit requirements
  • Accountancy requirements 6 Establishment (limited companies)
  • Danish Labour Market – flexi security (flexibility and security)
  • Labour costs
  • Foreigners working in Denmark benefit from the Danish welfare system
  • Value-added tax (VAT)
  • Input VAT
  • Corporate tax issues
    • Group taxation
    • Income from shareholdings Capital expenditure Operationally expenditure
    • Transfer pricing
    • Tax audit – tax reassessment
  • Individual tax issues
  • Examples of tax situations for individuals

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