Setting up a company in Denmark

Setting up a company in Denmark

Ecovis can set up a limited company in Denmark.

In doing so there are some decision, and some information you will have to make and document.

Overall description here for overview. (Detailed list, when incorporating the company)

  1. Confirmation and documentation for the founder and the owner.
  2. Documentation of name and addresses of the ultimate owners , including physical persons
  3. A Public Limited Company (“Aktieselskab” or “A/S” in Danish) and a Private Limited Company (“Anpartsselskab” or “ApS” in Danish.) An A/S and an ApS mainly linked to the share capital.
    An A/S must have a minimum share capital of DKK 400,000 (approx. EUR 53,800) whereas an ApS must have a minimum share capital of DKK 40,000 (approx. EUR 5,400)

    There are also some differences with respect to the management structure.
    There are no restrictions on foreign managers or directors in both an A/S and an ApS.

    With respect to tax, there are no differences between an A/S and an ApS or an IVS.

  4. Name(s), address, and object for the company
  5. Director/s, names and addresses for the members of the management
    (Directors and/or managers). If the management consist of non-Danish citizens, individual’s passport, and documentation for living address. For Danish citizens personal registration number (“CPR number”).
  6. Accounting year for the company? The first accounting year might be up to 18 months,
  7. Possibility to choose not to have the Financial Statements audited. This can be possible if 2 out of 3 condition not exceeded. Revenue below eight Mill. DKK, balance below four Mill. DKK and less than 12 employees calculated on yearly basis.
  8. We assume that the share capital paid into our lawyer’s client safe account, and returned to your new company’s bank account as soon as this one is established.
  9. Signature rule of the company be, i.e. who should be able to sign on behalf of the company?

The service of incorporating a company include the following:

  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
  • Preparation of Articles of Association
  • Preparation of Shareholders Register
  • Preparation of Rules of Procedure for the board of directors (only A/S)
  • Filing with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
  • All necessary correspondence in this respect.

For further and more detailed information also about structure and tax situation, please write to, or direct +45 5766 2462