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Denmark in bullet

Denmark brief outlined

  • Name, Kingdom of Denmark
  • Government, constitutional monarchy – unitary parliamentary
  • Legislature, Folketing
  • Official language, Danish
  • Capital (and largest city), Copenhagen
  • Population, app. 5.8m
  • Area, app. 43,000 km2
  • Member of EU (EEC: 1972), participate in single market, custom union and Schengen.
  • Currency, Danske kroner (DKK). Denmark comply with the euro convergence criteria but opted not to implement third phase of ERM. Since 1982 fixed currency policy has been a cornerstone in Danish monetary policy. Central exchange rate to EUR 7.46038 +- 2.25%.
  • Economy size, 39th largest national economy in the world measured by nominal GDP and 60th measured by purchasing power parity.
  • Public debt (end 2017), 36.4% of GDP (EMU measure)
  • Credit rate, AAA at Moody, Standard & Poor´s and Fitch.
  • Unemployment rate, 3.9% (Aug. 18)
  • Trade, 70% of all trade is within EU.
  • GDP per capita (2016), 36.4 t€ (by purchase power standard). EU-28 avg. 29.0 t€
  • Gini-index (2015), 27.4. Avg. EU-28: 31.0. Denmark has one of the world’s lowest levels of income inequality
  • Denmark ranks
    • 3rd on ease of doing business (World Bank Group 2018)
    • 2nd on Transparency Internationals list of least corrupted countries (2017).
    • 3rd on the list of the happiest countries in the world (world happiness report 2018)
  • Driving, right side of the road
  • General Terms of Business Ecovis Denmark (PDF)
  • General Terms of Business Ecovis Svane (PDF)