Polish market entry support

Polish market entry support

We believe that business people do not have time to stand in queues, and that foreign investors benefit greatly from a trusted guide to the intricacies of Polish regulations. That is why our support to companies entering the Polish market works on the ‘one-stop shop’ principle. Thanks to that we reduce the mass of red tape from bureaucracy and help to efficiently and quickly start operations in Poland which utilise optimally matched business solutions and tax structure.

Our services cover:

  • establishing companies and branches of foreign companies,
  • sale of SPVs,
  • post-sale service,
  • corporate secretarial services,
  • corporate legal service,
  • virtual office (domiciliary),
  • fiduciary services,
  • HR and payroll service,
  • accounting service,
  • tax consultancy,
  • legal advice,
  • company liquidation support.

1. Establishing companies (Branches)

  • preparing documents necessary for company registration,
  • preparing the articles of association, tax registration,
  • opening a bank account for the company.

2. Shelf companies (SPVs)

As an alternative to time-consuming setting up a limited liability company, we suggest purchasing an existing limited liability company (SPV), fully registered, also for EU VAT purposes, and with a bank account.
Our comprehensive service covers:

  • preparing a company share sale agreement and carrying out the transaction before a notary,
  • amending the articles of association,
  • changes to the company’s management board.

Our in-depth knowledge of legal and tax issues ensures comprehensive service covering the entire investment process and guarantees that the entire transaction proceeds quickly and optimally from a tax and business point of view.

3. Service after the establishment/sale of a company

After the set up/sale of a company, we propose post-sale services covering:

  • updating information at the Tax office and Statistical Office,
  • changing/closure of bank accounts,
  • tax formalities connected with civil law activities tax.

4. Corporate secretarial services

We offer administrative support covering:

  • filing financial statements and closing the financial year, as well as adopting appropriate resolutions of corporate authorities,
  • renting conference rooms for meetings.

5. Corporate legal service

We also offer legal support with day-to-day business, including:

  • amendments to the articles of association and data in court registers,
  • organisation of shareholders meetings,
  • preparation of resolutions of the management board, supervisory board and shareholders meetings,
  • appointment and recall of management board and supervisory board members,
  • keeping registers of shares.

6. Virtual office (Domiciliary service)

One of the requirements of registering a company in Poland is providing the address of its registered office on Polish territory. The Virtual Office service involves ensuring a registered office for a company so it can do business:

  • registered address for a company,
  • correspondence collection,
  • telephone line access,
  • reception and secretarial services.

7. Fiduciary services

Fiduciary services are addressed to foreign investors not employing personnel in Poland, who want to minimise costs and administrative problems. Fiduciary service ensures that a company’s authorities and authorised representatives are appointed as having a local management board helps provide evidence of a company’s tax domicile.
The solutions we offer help to fulfill formal obligations and ensure necessary supervision of a company and its assets without the physical presence of an investor or the need to employ a management board.

8. HR and payroll service

When your organisation grows and you need to take on local employees, we can provide HR, payroll and social security filing services as well as advice on matters of local labour law.

9. Accounting services

We offer full accounting services in accordance with applicable regulations, as well as the preparation of financial statements.
The services also involve providing customised reporting for investors and financial institutions.

10. Tax consultancy

We offer support in the following areas:

  • CIT – corporate income tax,
  • PIT – personal income tax,
  • VAT – goods and services tax,
  • excise duty,
  • tax on civil law transactions,
  • gaming tax,
  • local taxes,
  • transfer pricing,
  • administrative court proceedings,
  • tax proceedings before tax authorities,
  • fiscal and tax inspection proceedings,
  • social insurance.

11. Legal advice

Legal issues require ever-increasing attention when doing business in today’s world. In cooperation with ECOVIS Milczarek i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawna Sp.k. we provide services in:

  • corporate law,
  • investments, M&A, transformations,
  • economic and civil law,
  • labour and social insurance law,
  • intellectual property law,
  • competition and consumer protection,
  • civil and administrative proceedings,
  • tax and customs law, tax proceedings.

12. Liquidation of a company/branch

We offer a convenient liquidation process service in accordance with applicable law.
The purpose of the proceedings is to end a company’s current business, collect debts, fulfill obligations and sell the company’s assets. This process requires commitment and knowledge to ensure it is performed correctly.

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