Bookkeeping and accounting services

Bookkeeping and accounting services

We offer reliable, professional support with bureaucracy reduced to a minimum. We focus on our customers’ needs, helping them reach their business goals.

Our accounting services are used by companies representing various legal forms, sizes and locations, including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In addition to helping them meet their tax and accounting obligations, we offer support in resolving financial and commercial difficulties. The solutions we propose are adapted to clients’ needs and preferences.

The areas in which we provide services include:

  • bookkeeping in compliance with domestic and international standards,
  • preparing or updating customized accounting policy,
  • unifying chart of accounts of several entities belonging to the same parent company or capital group,
  • organising and optimising the document circulation process,
  • developing accounting policy for new entities,
  • modifying accounting policy principles, including chart of account,
  • developing cost settlement schemes,
  • developing a control system convenient for the customer,
  • supporting internal control departments,
  • preparing financial reports for the needs of company controlling,
  • preparing financial reports for consolidation purposes,
  • annual audits and mid-year reviews performed by auditors,
  • ongoing accounting and tax supervision over a customer’s team,
  • financial and accounting reporting,
  • preparing tax returns and statistical declarations,
  • reporting to state authorities (e.g. NBP – National Bank of Poland),
  • preparing financial statements in accordance with domestic provisions and international standards,
  • representing the client before supervisory authorities,
  • notifying the client about amendments in accounting or tax provisions,
  • preparing the client for planned law changes.

The services we provide are insured against professional civil liability with a coverage of PLN 5 million.

If you have any questions concerning these services, contact us.

Management accounting

Our services include management accounting and management controlling with special emphasis on enterprise monitoring and identifying causes of deviations.

Our services may cover:

  • developing of internal control system,
  • cost and break-even analyses,
  • evaluation of return on sales of products or projects,
  • budgeting,
  • verification of company liquidity and credibility,
  • finanancial results evaluation,
  • cost optimisation analyses.

If you have any questions concerning these services, contact us.

Review of accounting books

In the course of reviewing accounting books we use solutions based on our well-tried procedures and programmes of financial report auditing, as well as due diligence programmes and forensic auditing. We rely on our long-term international experience and expertise.

Our work may include the following steps:

  • identification of threats and risks in the company,
  • review of accounting books and the condition of internal control,
  • verifying the compliance of the accounting policy and books of accounts with the regulations, as well as their adaptation to the requirements of a business activity,
  • verification of the reliability and credibility of accounting books,
  • checking the compliance, classification and records of fixed assets, their depreciation and write-offs, analysis of inventory turnover, production-related areas.
  • analysing the tax liabilities, VAT registers, settlements of PIT or Social Insurance,
  • analysing provisions, prepayments and accruals and the accuracy of valuation of foreign currency transactions and the settlement of currency gains or losses,
  • verifying effectiveness in the area of personnel and payroll.