Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Because we believe that business people play a very important role in the Polish economy, we protect them against risky investments. We check carefully to see if the companies covered by the acquisition plans of our clients are in good legal and tax condition, and whether their value has been properly assessed.

Thanks to our procedures, combined with our international experience, it is possible for us to accurately evaluate the data presented by a selling party, and the risks associated with the transaction, and then to make sure that our client understands all of the material facts.

We offer a comprehensive service which includes an analysis of the legal and tax condition of a given company. We also carry out studies in the fields of finance and accounting.

Additionally, we can support the process of analysing a company from the seller’s side. The aim of this service is identifying opportunities and risks, thus enabling the correct decisions to be taken during negotiations.

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Chartered Auditor in Poland
Jadwiga Szabat
Chartered Auditor, President
ECOVIS POLAND Audit, Tax & Accounting
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Attorney-at-Law in Poland
Piotr Pruś
Attorney-at-Law, Partner/Solicitor
ECOVIS Legal Poland
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