Accounting firms generally take the historic approach to everything relating to income tax matters. In other words they wait until after the end of the tax year and then tell you what happened.

We believe that professional excellence in tax matters are expressed first and foremost in providing advanced tax planning services. To wait until December 31, in our opinion, is too late.

With the early planning approach for all income tax matters we can tell you exactly where you are headed and how you should act. We will minimize the tax effect by achieving the best possible tax results for the client.

Our firm cooperates with legal firms and leading tax experts in the Israeli economy, both regarding taxes in Israel and in the field of international taxation.

Our firm provides our clients with the following tax services:

  • Taxation of individuals and preparing annual reports to income tax
  • Taxation of companies and preparing and submitting the Company’s annual returns to income tax.
  • Capital gain Taxation.
  • Recording and representation at Income Tax, Value Added Tax and National Insurance.
  • Submitting annual and periodic reports to the above authorities.
  • Local tax planning
  • International tax planning
  • Review of international tax treaties
  • Discussions with the Tax Authorities, assessment agreements
  • Consulting regarding the maximum use of exemptions, credits and tax benefits.
  • Consulting regarding value added tax and its implementation
  • Consulting regarding land betterment tax
  • Possible examination of tax refunds from previous years