ECOVIS Ozery CPA provides a comprehensive audit service and can assist with:
External audit and internal audit to Subsidiaries and branches of foreign owned corporations, Private companies, partnerships and bodies with special audit requirements.

Our firm applies professional standards while considering the needs of the client and his business.

At Ecovis Israel we analyzed the four stages for providing efficient and effective auditing services:

  • a. Planning
  • b. Continuous contact with the client
  • c. Cooperation and coordination with the client’s staff
  • d. Periodic management letters according to the subject

We are always attentive to clients’ needs and prepared to meet with clients at any time, not only at the beginning and end of the engagement between us and not by remote control as is customary to offer clients these days.

Your audit team will continually try to adopt auditing procedures which are over and above the standard verification procedures; we will use operative and accounting tools whose object is to examine the validity and reliability of the internal control in the business and to identify risks and failures in order to be able to assist in correcting them. In addition, we will prepare cost effective tests in order to ensure that every accounting change that we offer will provide benefits to the business.

We will maximize your investment in the external auditing services that we provide by working closely with your staff in the business, and this step prevents duplication of effort and creates more efficient access to the audit work.

As your auditors we know that the matter of time is critical and that the audit process uses the system’s resources which otherwise would have been directed to create revenues or to reduce costs. Be assured that the ECOVIS team will act rapidly and efficiently to provide you with the financial statements in due time.

The audit services provided by our firm:

  • Audit of books of companies, societies and self-employed
  • Preparing and editing the annual statements
  • Reviewing the periodic statements (quarterly or monthly)
  • A review of internal control and producing an audit letter to summarize the findings.
  • An audit in accordance with International Financing Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Internal audit

  • Building a multi annual audit program or one according to demand.
  • Review the reliability and completeness of the financial information in the organization.
  • Consulting on subjects of the organizational structure, policy and operating processes.
  • Examining the efficiency of the various systems in the organization.
  • Examining whether the organization complies with the laws and/or the relevant regulations relating to it.