Business consulting services and Controllership

Business consulting services and Controllership

The belief of our firm in the field of controllership and business accompaniment is:
“That the small and large private company is entitled to financial management and services adjusted to the exact and unique requirements of the business and to the shareholders’ requirements”

The financial manager/ controller of the company, in practice centralizes all the financial matters in the company; this relates to a CPA by training who in practice manages all the financial departments of the organization, not only for the accounting entries but also for the business and management operative aspect.

Many companies cannot afford to employ a financial manager or controller in a full-time position due to the significant costs connected with this. We at ECOVIS provide controllership services and business consulting according to the needs and at a significant lower price than employing a controller and/or financial manager in a full-time position.

Due to the fact that our interest in your company is far beyond the matter of bookkeeping, auditing or tax matters, we at ECOVIS offer tailored business and financial consulting services.

We shall be happy to provide your company with the following services:

  • Assistance and accompanying the raising of capital and other financing.
  • Restructuring and reorganization of the corporation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of budges and business forecasts.
  • Examining the business’s stability and health
  • Planning and examining profit centers and areas of success.
  • Analyzing cash flows.
  • Controllership services and outsourcing of managing financing.
  • Economic and business analyses.
  • Interviewing and screening professional employees.
  • Identifying failures in internal control and suggesting ways of correcting them.
  • Examining the structure of the internal control and the work processes in the organization.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Prices and costing policies.
  • Examining employee compensation and wages.
  • when the need arises we can assist in various economic work, acquisitions, due diligence of companies etc.

Due to the fact that we generally work with clients who do not have a controller/ financial manager or legal advisor within the company and thus we are much more involved in the business’s operative aspects. In other words, we provide the services that you would expect from anyone who has a considerable interest in your business’s success.

Economic and financial consulting

  • Evaluations and revaluation of assets.
  • Preparing business plans.
  • Preparing various management reports.
  • Examining due diligence.
  • Examinations prior to acquisitions.
  • Submitting professional opinions to the courts.