Bookkeeping and payroll

Bookkeeping and payroll

“We believe that bookkeeping is a current management tool of the business intended to assist the manager in taking decisions, and therefore it must be carried out by experienced professional people and to be as precise and as up-to-date as possible”.

Bookkeeping is the heart of the business. It creates the initial raw materials which are processed and based on it the financial personnel analyze the business in every business organization. Correct bookkeeping requires proper professional preparations suitable to the needs of the business, good organization, preciseness and meticulous attention to details.

The bookkeeping in the business is not a matter which should be taken lightly; at present various internet programs try to entice the business owner to manage the accounts themselves (by remote control), fully or partly, at very low cost (simply put -these are costs in return for nothing.

The changing laws for keeping books and reporting to the authorities, particularly recently, require being up-to-date in current professional knowhow which will immediately be applied to the accounts, the methods of recording, the data included in the recording and the method of reporting to the authorities. Sometimes a client who keeps his accounts himself causes such considerable damage, that the cost of corrections are higher than the rerecording of the books, and the client loses in the end.

Our firm provides bookkeeping services to individuals and self-employed as follows:

  • Current recording by the double entry bookkeeping system for companies and individuals who keep inventory according to the law’s requirements.
  • Current recording of one-sided bookkeeping for self-employed
  • Current recording of the one-sided bookkeeping for lawyers – including accounts of deposits and expenses for the client.
  • Controllership services of payroll and producing payroll slips for employees
  • Current accompaniment of everything connected with current Labor Laws.
  • Preparing current VAT , income tax and national insurance reports
  • Current follow-up of changes carried out by the authorities in the client’s files.
  • Preparing annual payroll reports for employees to income tax and national insurance (Form 126)
  • Preparing form 106 for every employee at the end of the year
  • Preparing annual reports on withholding tax to clients (Form 857).
  • Preparation of annual reports on withholding supply (Form 867).