ECOVIS Israel Ozery CPA
We wish to be more than your auditors or bookkeepers. We wish to be your business and financial consultants, and we see the client as a partner and we will accompany you during difficult times and good times.

About us

Economy and Vision

We believe that the strength and resilience of the economy lies in the private businesses, including family-owned. SME, their distribution throughout the country and in the population produces economic strength and stability.

In the era of the global village, we believe in helping those who wish to operate businesses at the international level, anywhere in the world. In providing personal and reliable quality service that can give SME added value and contribute to their success.

International quality service to SME

The firm aims to provide high quality global professional services, for individuals and small and medium sized Enterprises (SME) in Israel and abroad with international operations that are interested to receive professional and personal service in Israel, without being swallowed in the big firms as a negligible clients.

Flatten the pyramid of the International Office

Israeli international accounting firms are large offices built a pyramid-shaped hierarchy with the international partner at the top. What distinguishes us in ECOVIS Israel is the connection with our international partners in such a way that allows us to have direct contact with the teams performing the actual work and thus provide efficient service to the customer and better matches the needs.