Manufacturing, Logistics, Trading, Service, Agriculture, etc.
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Manufacturing, Logistics, Trading, Service, Agriculture, etc.

Global players in traditional industries

Welcome to our international accounting, tax, audit, and legal network, where we specialize in facilitating the success of global players in traditional industries such as manufacturing, logistics, trading, service, agriculture, and other pre-digital revolution industrial areas.

At ECOVIS International, we understand the critical role that international mid- and large-sized multinational companies play in the global economy. We understand their needs and requirements for reporting, internal reviews, and audits, including the transition and transformation towards a modern and complex environment, the need for compliance, and the regulatory compliance for various jurisdictions (i.e., AML, Transfer Pricing, GDPR, DAC6, etc.). Our global network of experts is dedicated to providing tailored accounting, tax, audit, and legal solutions that empower international logistics companies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance compliance in a rapidly changing world.

Join us as we explore the world of “International Logistics Companies.” Let’s embark on a journey to streamline global logistics, ensuring that goods and services reach their destinations efficiently while you stay ahead in a competitive industry.

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