Smooth Sailing into Vietnam: Ecovis Facilitates Seamless Expansion for German Logistics Leader
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Smooth Sailing into Vietnam: Ecovis Facilitates Seamless Expansion for German Logistics Leader

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I. Background

Our client in Germany, a major player in the logistics sector, was looking to expand its operations into Vietnam. To ensure a seamless and compliant establishment in this new market, they turned to Ecovis for expert assistance.

II. The challenge

Our client needed expert guidance to navigate the complexities of setting up a business in Vietnam. This included selecting the appropriate business model, understanding the various forms of investment, obtaining the necessary permits for expatriate staff to work legally, and ensuring compliance with local tax and accounting regulations.

III. Solution

ECOVIS OC Law, with its extensive expertise in legal and business consulting, provided a comprehensive range of services:

  • Business model and investment form advice: ECOVIS OC Law conducted a thorough analysis and recommended the most appropriate business models and investment vehicles for the client. This ensured that the client could make informed decisions in line with its strategic objectives and in compliance with Vietnamese regulations.
  • Company incorporation and licensing: ECOVIS OC Law assisted the client with every step of establishing a business in Vietnam. This included preparing and submitting all necessary documentation, registering the company and securing all necessary operating licences. ECOVIS OC Law also ensured that the client obtained appropriate work permits and residence cards for its foreign employees, facilitating their legal employment in Vietnam.
  • Tax and accounting advice: ECOVIS OC Law provided in-depth advice on local tax regulations and compliance requirements, helping the client to understand and comply with Vietnamese tax and accounting policies. This enabled the client to manage its finances efficiently while minimising risks and maximising profitability.

IV. Results

The client was fully satisfied with the high quality consultancy services provided by ECOVIS OC Law. The professional guidance and support enabled them to effectively establish and operate their business in Vietnam. ECOVIS OC Law’s expertise in navigating the complexities of the Vietnamese market and regulatory landscape was critical to the client’s successful expansion.

Find out how ECOVIS International can help your business enter new markets and comply with local regulations. Contact us today for expert legal and business advisory services tailored to your needs.

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